The Cryptomania courses are brand new among the educational and experiential activities for companies. Through the means of ciphers and logical tasks, that the participants must solve in the game, we can develop their creativity, sense of cooperation and communication. We will teach the participants not to be afraid to speak their mind, to reason and solve problems in a new and creative ways and to approach the tasks from various points of view.

The Cryptomania courses can be indoor as well as outdoor. We can prepare the fun Cryptomania PUB game,
entertaining Cryptomania FUN leading through the interesting locations as well as the great adventure Cryptomania RACE.

The dynamics and race atmosphere in a perfect mix are part of all of our creations. We can also simulate all kinds of situations related to real world of cooperation and problem solving of the difficult work tasks. All this is presented in a safe model-like atmosphere of the game, where we can easily develop the targeted skills, find our strengths and weaknesses of the individual participants as well as whole working teams. These skills can be easily transferred to everyday jobs afterwards.