Not your usual team building

Cryptomania FUN

Map. Your team. 15 checkpoints and 120 minutes. Where to go first? The hard checkpoints or the easy ones? Ciphers or team tasks? Walk. Run. Dead end and another couple minutes lost. Never mind. You sure can do one more… Team puzzle hunt where you yourselves create the image of the game with the strategy of your team

Cryptomania FUN

Smart entertainment & team strategy

Cryptomania FUN is a team puzzle hunt whose image is shaped by the players themselves and their strategy. The players choose which puzzles and team tasks they want to have a go at, which checkpoints they visit and the distance they cover. All this makes the game unique for every single one of the participating teams.

Cryptomania FUN is a great opportunity to enter the world of puzzles and smart entertainment. It is one of our short format games and is easily adjustable to the group of participants, selected environment and the goal you want to achieve – be it just having fun, team development or getting to know an interesting location.

Do you want to have fun, get to know the city centre or just pass the time between two conference blocks cleverly? Cryptomania FUN is a game whose variability speaks to everybody. There is a role for everyone – those keen on solving the puzzles, those who rather carry out the tasks and those who prefer cheering on the rest of the team.

The distances between checkpoints are short and the time spent solving the puzzles outweighs the walking time. Everybody is captivated by the action. The teams must plan and make tactical decisions about what they can manage to accomplish in the given time. Whether your team is competing to win it all or you just want to go through the nearest checkpoints at a relaxed pace our game surely makes the company event even more enjoyable and who knows – you might find a new hobby in puzzle solving.

5 reasons why choose the Cryptomania FUN

  1. Everyone finds their role.
  2. Intriguing original tasks which you will not find anywhere else.
  3. City, countryside,  even the surroundings of a hotel.
  4. Complex online gaming system.
  5. We can do it all in English.

Smart entertainment

Ciphers and logic puzzles are natural challenges, non-trivial tasks designed for adults. Two heads are better than one applies almost without exception.

To solve a well-designed puzzle, the team members need to communicate efficiently. The ability to analyze the puzzle, bring your own ideas to the table and follow up on the ideas of others is an essential feature of a successful player.

We are easily able to track the progress of each team and give them feedback. It is a great building block for a workshop on soft skills, among other things. It is completely up to you whether you want to use the game as a development tool for your colleagues or just as a fun feature.

Clues, solutions and results at your fingertips

The Cryptomania online gaming system accompanies you throughout the game. You can see the list of all the checkpoints comfortably and clearly on your mobile phone. The system can also show you further information on the checkpoint you are currently looking for. And in case you feel helpless you can easily get a clue anytime you want, or even the correct answer if you decide to skip the task completely.

When the last teams make their way past the finish line we can tell you the results straight away. At the end, you find out who the best teams are and there is a presentation with all the correct answers available as well.

Czech, English. We can do both.

Do you want to experience Cryptomania FUN with your colleagues?

If you are interested in the Cryptomania FUN program, let us know. We will be happy to write an offer for you or answer your questions. And if you don’t like forms, call Zbyšek directly on +420 737 712 893 – he will be happy to advise.

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