Not your usual team building

Cryptomania Virtual Worlds

Enter a fantastic world. Make your avatar move, walk (or fly) through the whole world. And you can form a team and uncover all the secrets that we hid for you in this world right after that.

Cryptomania Virtual Worlds

Keeping up with current trends

Current situation is not particularly friendly towards events for hundreds of attendants. We are not having any of it! We have joined forces with a new Czech start-up Confer-O-Matic that developed a unique workspace for organizing virtual conferences and large-scale virtual events.

Their goal is for people to be able to take part in a real conference, just in 3D. Therefore the participants can walk freely inside the 3D world, they can also interact with each other (talk or write, privately or in groups), discuss hot news by the company stalls, attend a streamed video lecture and then debate with the speakers. It is not another Meet or ZOOM, but rather a simulation of a real conference for a high number of visitors.

Whole new world

We always try to stay up-to-date and not fall behind. The possibility of a brand new kind of event caught our eye and the cooperation with Confer-O-Matic resulted in a big christmas party during which we were able to present our first truly virtual puzzle hunt in one of their worlds. It was a great success according to the feedback from the players and from then on we have not stopped thinking about what else we could make happen in the virtual worlds.

So be sure to come and see what we have come up with!

Cryptomania Virtual Worlds is a good choice for a company-wide gathering on a larger scale.

5 reasons why choose Cryptomania Virtual Worlds

  1. A whole new world to discover.
  2. The puzzles are tailor-made to match your experience and needs.
  3. Ideal for large company-wide meetings.
  4. The teams are motivated and supported by our hosts.
  5. We can do it all in English.
Do you want to experience Cryptomania Virtual Worlds with your colleagues?

If you are interested in the Cryptomania Virtual Worlds program, let us know. We will be happy to write an offer for you or answer your questions. And if you don’t like forms, call Zbyšek directly on +420 737 712 893 – he will be happy to advise.

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