Lesser Town Mysteries

Lennon Wall, Charles Bridge, Čertovka, Nerudovka, Kampa. Discover their secrets.
Curvy streets intertwined in a maze of paths. Towers, churches, parks. House signs.
There you can hear the bells from the St. Nicholas church. And another cipher waiting for you.
Hundred-spired Prague
filled with a thousand stories
From 10 people
to hundreds of enthusiastic players
1 wall
and songs from a quartet of musicians
12 beautiful places
as you haven´t seen them before

Lesser Town Mysteries

In the footsteps of kings and alchemists

Lesser Town is Prague with a capital P. It is a world with its own heart. Fantasy works to the fullest and when you take the time, you can enjoy a piece of the Middle Ages for yourself. It is a perfect place for rest, dreaming and a game.

Lesser Town Mysteries is a puzzle hunt that borrows a small piece of this unique atmosphere and weaves a story into the streets that can be experienced just with Cryptomania. Give two hours to yourself and your team. Enter your own adventure and prove that you can discover every hidden Lesser Town corner.

I want to go to Lesser Town!

We'll draw you into the game

How to play with Cryptomania?

The Lesser Town Mysteries is a puzzle hunt for five-man teams that try to discover and solve as many ciphers as possible distributed in the Lesser Town. All this within a limited time. This is a game controlled by an instructor (s). The start of the game can be anywhere within the game area or its immediate surroundings (we often use Kampa Park). Final spot is usually a pleasant restaurant in a good accessibility from the game area.

The whole game is controlled by the Cryptomania online gaming system, which provides players with location information (along with a printed map), gives them the opportunity to take a hint and counts points for the right solutions. Immediately after the last team finishes, we can announce the results and award the best teams.

Sounds good! I want to play.

Challenge and experience

Game for big boys and girls.

Are you afraid of ciphers? Do they remind you math, a long series of numbers and boredom? That´s not exactly it... Cryptomania ciphers are designed to entertain, amaze and perhaps even surprise anyone who has enough motivation to get to their solution. Lyrics, pictures, music, but also statues, memorials, wall inscriptions, twisted bars and much more. We combine all of this to create a unique gaming experience for you and provide a few-hour game that really draws you in.

We can't do only one thing. Make it so easy that a small kid could solve it. This game is simply for big boys and girls. Adult adventurers. For those who are not afraid to tackle mysteries, discover hidden places and walk some kilometer on foot.

Challenge! Let´s go for it.

Ten to five hundred

Small teams are welcome. Large too.

Lesser Town Mysteries is a puzzle hunt with a high number of players variability. Thanks to the ready-made components, it is available for a small group (from about 10 people), but on the other hand, it allows you to bring in hundreds of your colleagues or clients.

The pre-built structure and gaming system allow you to start the game a few days after ordering. The freedom to choose the starting point and the destination, and the ability to set different levels of difficulty offer original clever entertainment for anyone who wants to spend several playful hours in the historic center of Prague.

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