Get ready for a story more than 100 years old. Search, explore, decipher.
Find a long-forgotten secret in the labyrinth of dark brick corridors.
You'll be amazed at what's hidden under the surface.

10 to 100 players
ideal smart teambuilding
120 minutes
that you spend underground
Play anytime
it´s not raining underground
1 rarity
that you explore from A to Z


Mystery of the Old Wastewater Treatment Plant from the beginning of the last century

Industrialium is a puzzle hunt with a legend that takes place in the underground spaces of the Old Waste Water Treatment Plant in Prague's Bubeneč. Expect a little search, a good portion of logical as well as team tasks, a story with you in the lead role, and one surprising invention at the very end.

We can easily match our game to so called escape rooms, but ...

  • you will rather brake into the secrets than escape from the place,
  • you will not play against the game, but above all against other teams.
  • The number of players is variable (you are not limited to the usual five players).

We promise to be not only fun, but a real challenge. Can you do it?

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How does INDUSTRIALIUM work?

When, how and who can enter the underground?

The game is designed for a group of at least ten adults. It is prepared especially for corporate teams, but it will also be enjoyed by a larger group of friends. We always work with teams of three to five who compete with each other to complete the game with the best score as soon as possible.

A maximum of 30 people can move in the underground at one time. For larger groups, you take turns in the underground and experience another adventure on the surface.

At the beginning, we will introduce you to the story, explain the rules, and send you to explore the game area. There you will find costumed role players, reveal ciphers and perhaps also their solutions. The reward will be both points to your overall score and also parts of a spectacular invention. Can you assemble it at the end of the game and reveal its purpose?

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Story of the INDUSTRIALIUM game

Can you reconstruct a mysterious artifact only from fragments of information?

It was in the first years after the Great War and the wastewater treatment plant worked day and night in favor of the inhabitants of the capital of the new Czechoslovak Republic.

The new Republic also came with a new plant management and inventory check of all equipment. Everything was counted, cleaned and thoroughly recorded. There was assigned purpose and use for each piece of equipment. Except for one subject.

Under the old desk, the employees found to their surprise a plate fitted with pins and drilled with various holes. The plate had no apparent purpose. It was not part of the machinery. No one could remember what was it here for. Or at least no one admitted it ...

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Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Prague - Bubeneč

You will love this industrial treasure!

It stands hidden above the river on the northern outskirts of Prague. Initially indispensable, later forgotten or decayed, and today awakened to life. At any time mysterious and unique. A pensive brick lady from the last century. Well recognizable by two chimneys.

A cathedral rather than an industrial building from the outside. And inside the architectural treasure. The graceful curves of carefully folded corridors complement the beauty of crafted machine equipment. One does not have to be a mechanical engineer to admire the beauty of wheels, trolleys, tubes and levers. And perhaps because of its purpose, it once smelled lightly? Who could be bothered by it at such a beauty.

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