Cryptomania RACE

The real challenge. A thrilling race all the way to the end. Team. Strategy. One task after another. Puzzles, logical tasks, brain teasers. Climbing, water, scooters, or just a walk through a beautiful landscape… The time is ticking and the evening is approaching. And the finish line is after yet another hill…
5 team members
Can you do it together?
X teams
Can you beat the record of 2,100 players?
more than one challenge
mental and physical
minimum of 6 hours
the whole day is better though

Cryptomania RACE

An outdoor puzzlehunt race not to be forgotten...

Cryptomania RACE is a linear team puzzlehunt combined with elements of outdoor and sport activities. Step by step, task by task you will advance in the game and through the agreed trail. The race will be a challenge. The tasks are not trivial but definitely solvable if all the team members incorporate their skills.

Motivation, team creativity, sharing of ideas, the right strategy and a good time management. Everything counts. Our games are not won by teams with the biggest mathematical brains and definitely not by the fastest runners. The key to success lies rather in a good mood and willingness to overcome all the obstacles that you might encounter.

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Anytime, anywhere

City or forest, weekdays or holidays

You can race in the middle of a city just as well as anywhere in nature. Together we will find the right course, its length and of course the tasks tailored exactly to your needs. We will visit the most interesting places and take all the teams to the finish line of your choice. Who will gain the most points along the way? Who will get there first?

Do you want to start directly in your office or combine the start with a business meeting and visit a nearby castle? Day or night with headlights, during the week or after the Sunday lunch. Three, two, one, go!

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Feet, paddles, bikes...

Outdoor races aren’t just about puzzles…

Let’s make it even more interesting. We like to incorporate outdoor game elements in the Cryptomania RACE. A part of the trail can lead through the water (even in the middle of Brno, Prague,...), you can get on bikes or try scooters.

Is your company filled with fit athletes? Send them to pass a mountain ridge on snowshoes. Do you want a more relaxed version? Let’s incorporate public transport and have a coffee break midway through.

Do you think something is impossible? Ask us. We really like to use fresh ideas in our games.

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Players and teams

Is Cryptomania RACE the right thing for you?

Cryptomania RACE is suitable for groups of 20+ people. The upper limit is virtually nonexistent. We have experience with games for hundreds of players but secretly dream of beating the puzzlehunt record of 2,100 people from a non-commercial game TMOU 10. We normally work with teams of five because that’s the right team size to incorporate everyone effectively.

Are you pondering whether this is suitable for your company? It is not a question of age, gender or profession. The key factor is the motivation to play and enjoy the game that requires thinking, cooperation and a few kilometers on foot.

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