Cryptomania PUB

A glass of wine and a couple of puzzles. A team sitting around one table with fresh logical tasks as a part of a delicious intellectual menu. Fun. Puzzle solving. Buffet nearby. The best ideas come with a full stomach. Cryptomania PUB - a puzzle game with a roof over your heads and a waiter just behind you.
20 puzzles
Served directly to your table
4 game lines
You choose! Do you have what it takes to solve the difficult one?
2 hours
Ideal gameplay time
1 host
To walk you through the game

Cryptomania PUB

Smart entertainment in a cozy environment

Cryptomania PUB is an indoor team puzzlehunt. In the comfort of your conference room or a favourite restaurant you will get a generous serving of puzzles and logical tasks divided in different game sets according to their difficulty. You will get to choose your approach to the game. For that you can use the live statistics and success rates shown and commented on by the host.

Cryptomania PUB is a smart entertainment in a concentrated packaging. The puzzles are available to you right at the table so you don’t have to go anywhere, you just play. You can direct all your focus on the solving and your team. Only once in a while you might be distracted by a glass of some liquid delicacy. You will be surprised what you can achieve.

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Restaurant or your own office

Why does PUB not necessarily mean pub in this case?

Do you have a great conference room? Or a lovely restaurant where you like to spend time? Cryptomania PUB is suitable for any place where you feel good. We will be happy to come to your conferences and company get-togethers.

We will cover the programme from start to finish, starting with the rules and finishing with the results. And do not worry - we won’t take up all evening, we can be done in as little as 2 hours, so there will be plenty of time for the real party.

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Puzzles and alcohol

Enjoy a quality wine and a clever puzzle

Four puzzles available at the beginning. Four game lines of different levels of difficulty. An easy one for an easy start, an intermediate one and a difficult one as a challenge. The fourth one is a bonus that will leave you laughing and amazed.

You can solve the puzzles in any order you like. Assign the tasks or work together and gather all the ideas (even the crazy ones). Talk to each other, get every team member engaged, analyse, write, draw, discover. And win.

What would you like with it? That’s completely up to you of course. Wine, beer, tea, coffee, rum, whisky,...

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More than a little bit of Cryptomania

Development, marketing and a company vision

Use the potential of Cryptomania to the fullest. Not just for fun. Our puzzles and logical tasks draw attention, are challenging, an unstructured problem that allows for imagination and creativity.

Give opportunity to originality. Use the puzzles as tools for a specific purpose. Introduce a new product to your clients, remind your employees about the company vision or help them develop their creative and team potential. Use Cryptomania’s playfulness and smart entertainment.

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