Cryptomania FUN

Map. Your team. Fifteen checkpoints and 120 minutes. Where to go first? The hard or the easy ones? Puzzles or team tasks? Walk. Run. A dead end and the time still passes. Nevermind. We can surely solve one more puzzle…
5 people per team
Can you do it together?
2-4 hours
perfect afternoon activity
1 map
choose your way through the game
unlimited options
anywhere, anytime, anyhow

Cryptomania FUN

Smart entertainment and a team strategy

Cryptomania FUN is a team puzzlehunt game whose image is shaped by the players’ strategy. The players choose from a wide range of puzzles and team tasks which ones they visit and how long will their trail be. This creates a unique game experience for each team.

Cryptomania FUN is a great opportunity to enter the world of puzzles and smart entertainment. It is one of the shorter games and it is easily adjustable to each group, environment and purpose. From smart entertainment to team development or getting to know interesting locations. Play, solve and have smart fun.

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Unlimited game variations

Have smart fun

Do you want to have fun, get to know a city centre or just fill a gap between two conference blocks? Cryptomania FUN is just the right thing for you. The game format will speak to everyone thanks to its variability. Everybody will find the right thing for them, be it solving puzzles, taking part in team tasks or supporting other team members.

The distances between stations are short and the time spent solving puzzles is much longer than the time spent walking. Everybody will be intrigued by the plot. The teams need to plan and choose the right tactic to make the most of the limited time. Or they can find a couple of nice puzzles and try to solve them over a glass of a good drink.

Cryptomania FUN can really be enjoyed by everyone.

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Smart entertainment

Learn, develop or draw attention

Puzzles and logical tasks are natural challenges. Nontrivial tasks made for adults. Two heads are better than one applies almost without exception. The synergy effect (1+1=3) works 100%. The desire to solve a mystery and overcome an obstacle comes naturally to us all.

The team members need to communicate effectively in order to solve a well prepared puzzle. The abilities to analyze the puzzle, to bring in own creative ideas and to be able to develop others’ thoughts are essential traits of a successful player.

The processes during the puzzle solving are easily traceable which allows us to give feedback to each team. This is also a great stepping stone for soft skills training. It is up to you whether you want to use the game just for fun or for your colleagues’ development.

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Cryptomania game system

Hints, solutions and results within an arm’s reach

The Cryptomania game system will accompany you during the whole game. You will be able to see a list of all the checkpoints comfortably on the screen of your smartphone. The system will tell you information about your desired station. And if you feel truly lost the system will easily provide a hint and even a solution if you decide to skip a puzzle altogether.

Just as the last team reaches the finish line we are able to tell you the final results. Of course the experience wouldn’t be complete without announcing the best teams and presenting the solutions.

English, Czech. We can do both.

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