Brno. You don’t want to see it, you want to live it. That’s exactly what the city’s official website says and we fully agree. Come along with us to the streets of Brno and live it to the fullest. Whether you will be solving a puzzle with a cup of coffee at a cosy cafe around Zelný trh or with a glass of beer on Jakubovo náměstí behind the church of St. James, we promise you will fall in love with Brno.
You have to live it
3 hours of gameplay
that fly by really fast
1 dragon
hanging in the wind
12 exciting puzzlest
just for you


A puzzlehunt? Where else but Brno…

#BRNOTRUESTORY is the official tourism slogan of the city of Brno. It is also a puzzlehunt designed by us for businesses in the city’s historical centre. Brno, puzzlehunts and Cryptomania simply belong together. It was here that event TMOU was created 20 years ago - mother of all the modern puzzlehunts, still holding the Guiness World Record for the biggest puzzlehunt ever. And even Cryptomania wouldn’t have existed without TMOU.

We invite you to a walk through the centre of Brno. We will take you to places that are secrets even to the locals. We believe that you would be surprised where you can find the puzzles… From the crests at the Old Town Hall, the windows of the Domini multi storey car park to the animals at Zelný trh. You will enjoy Brno in any case… in English or Czech.

I want to experience #BRNOTRUESTORY!

The game will enthrall you

How does the #BRNOTRUESTORY game work?

#BRNOTRUESTORY is a puzzle game for teams of five, which attempt to solve as many puzzles and problems located across the historical centre of Brno as possible. Our instructors will explain the rules (anywhere you like, be it the comfort of your offices or one of the city parks) and then it’ll be up to you.

What strategy will you choose? Will you start with the easy puzzles that generate little points or will you have a go at the more complex ones with a chance of better reward? You will always have all the information about where to go thanks to the Cryptomania online system. And if you ever feel lost you can find some hints in there as well…

You can look forward to a couple of special bonuses shortly before the end of the game that can catapult your team to the top of the scoreboard. However, you will know the final results at the finish line, which can be arranged anywhere, for example in a nice restaurant in the city centre, where we have plenty of choices.

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Challenge and experience

Smart entertainment - that’s what this is all about.

Are you worried about the puzzles? Do you think it has something to do with mathematics, long series of numbers and boredom? Not with us. Our puzzles are created to amuse, amaze and maybe even surprise everyone who is motivated enough to try to solve them.

Texts, pictures, music, but also statues, memorials, writings on the walls, distorted bars and many more. We use all of these to create a unique experience and hours-long gae that really will intrigue you.

There’s only one thing we are unable to do. Make the solving easy for you with trivial tasks or puzzles suited for a much younger audience. This game is for big boys and girls. For grown-up adventurers. For those of you who are not afraid to have their go at solving mysteries, discovering and walking some distance on foot.

Great! Let's go.

Ten to five hundred

Small groups welcome. The big ones as well.

#BRNOTRUESTORY is a puzzlehunt allowing a wide variety of numbers of players. Thanks to the prepared components it’s available even for small groups (starting at 15 people). On the other hand it allows us to open it for hundreds of your colleagues or clients.

Both the design and the game system are prepared in advance allowing us to start the game within days from the order. The freedom to choose the points of start and finish and the ability to choose different levels of difficulty offer original and smart entertainment for everyone who wants to spend a couple of playful hours in the historical centre of Brno.

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